Due to a great post by Jordan at http://www.highexistence.com/discussions/topic/my-best-explanation-of-shrooms-lsd-to-a-non-user/ I will take the topic of DMT as well.

(Why is this here? When I have taken psychodelics, I have had strong motivational improvements overall, as well as a diminishing in my anxiety. I have felt clear-headed and clarvoyant for weeks if not months after taking psychodelics, and they often stimulate learning as well. It is scientifically proven that psilocybin induces both neurogensis and synaptogensis!)
What is DMT?

-DMT is a naturally occuring compound in many plants as well as in humans. The function in humans is unknown and debateable but has been thought to control Near-death-experiences, dreams, and other extreme senses. Its chemical structure is similar to Psilocybin and serotonin. It is also reportedly the strongest hallucinogen (not by dose, but by intensity obtainable).

The experience:

The experience is very quick when DMT is inhaled by vaporization, and lasts around 15 minutes. The first sensations are often an overwhelming weakness of the body, and a struggle to stay standing or sitting up, and a need to lie down. Your vision usually will either begin to tremble, or massive amounts of kaleidoscope images will begin to appear, ever increasing in their intensity. The visuals will morph around the 45 second mark into actual hallucinations – images of people, creatures, or structures will appear. The shapes will at first seem abstract, but can become increasingly real. These will last for approximately 6 minutes, followed by a weakening in intensity, and a revelation that you are actually in your room (or wherever you started) and that the trip wasn’t taking place in reality. The visuals will last for a while and usually look like crystals or veins with extravagent colors.

The feelings:

As with psilocybin, any feeling you encounter will be incredibly intense. I often think of DMT as the “awe” drug, because every time I have taken it, I have been awe-struck by beauty and the sheer vastness it creates. Any emotion you feel can be amplified, from sheer terror to utter bliss, and visuals to match.

The perspective:

The difference between psilocybin and DMT is that psilocybin is much slower. It builds and builds and the slight changes that constantly occur in your awareness of reality allow you to truly understand what is happening. DMT on the other hand blasts far beyond psilocybin’s perspectives and in a fraction of the time, often giving the user forgetfulness of the events that took place, or the revelations that s/he had. Often, however, the user is shown (analogy owed to Jordan) the play in which we are all actors, but exactly what is controlling it. DMT, in my experience, often explains what is truly behind human kind, and how we think, why we think, and what exactly reality is. The problem, of course, is the intensity and duration of the trip. It is incredibly hard to comprehend what is shown to you in the very limited amount of time.

Since DMT is so short here are the only precautions you need:

1. Never do DMT when you are anxious, stressed, or depressed. If you get nervous before doing it, ease your mind, you will thank yourself! Many people meditate before taking this substance.

2. Set your mind up for happiness, trust me, its rewarding.

3. Since the duration is so short, a sitter is not always necessary, but make sure that you are not somewhere where you can knock things over, or where if you lay down something may spill, catch fire, or any other dangerous scenario.

Here are some trip reports (Ranging from Euphoria to Terror – its always benefitial to see both sides, right?):

Me- After a 5 minute calming of meditation, I think about love and warmth, and how I would greatly enjoy a trip with such emotions. I inhale and lay down, a slight warming in my stomach materializes. Suddenly I am rained down on by hearts and pink and purple rays. I am cuddled, and held in the bosom of life, like a baby and his mother. I cannot hold back laughter of sheer joy. A tunnel appears in front of me, and oddly a marijuana bud appears (I don’t smoke marijuana often). I have no idea why it appears, but it is incredibly benign.

Me – After discussing with a friend, he decides he would like to do it with me, if I do it first. After an appreciation for the substance (mentally preparing myself) I inhale. I lay down, and suddenly everything becomes alive. All things have veins and arteries, pumping neon light everywhere. I am connected to all things by these vessicles of life. I am catapulted into the thought of how society influences all of us. I stare at all the materials in his apartment and my clothes and start laughing at how silly all these purchases are. I stand up, still very intoxicated, and begin pacing the room, laughing histarically at how stupid we all are! I couldn’t believe I had ever bought name brand clothing, or some stylish sheets for my bed, or any trinkets to put in my house. All of my influences seem so ridiculous. I slowly come down, and the real revelations disappear. I feel very confident in myself.

A friend – Takes an inhale in his room. His dog appears through the door, and says to him “I know you’ve taken DMT. I’ve alerted the police.” My friend responds “You’re my best bud and you’re doing this to me? Why?” but his words come out as garbbled noise, and he realizes he can’t talk because he is so high. Two policemen come inside and ask him to slowly get off the bed when he is sober so they can arrest him. He nods his head and attempts to ride out the high, waiting for his arrest. As the high wears off, he realizes he is actually face down in his pillow. He tosses himself upwards and sees nobody in his room, his dog in the far end of the house.

A friend – An inhale while sitting on a porch outside. He is launched into interstellar space. Floating, unaware of anything. A man who looks much like mythical zeus, and the size of trillions of galaxies in length approaches him. He grabs his face, rips it off and stretches it to the end of the universe. The diety winds up and starts to throw the face back onto my friends head but right before my friend’s face is to be reunited with his body, the god explains: “Never come back here”, an astronomical clapping sound occurs and my friend is dumped back into reality, sober as a clam, sitting on the porch.