Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy Trials; Day 2


What a beautiful day.

I was a bit late in starting the trial today, it wasn't until I filled my bowl of cereal with milk that I smiled. But - boy oh boy! Driving in my car to work was sheer glory. I was nearly in tears I was so happy! Coincidence that I gained such happiness on the second day of the trials? Cannot say for sure, but I'm not complaining!

The glee I felt while driving was almost eerie in that it was so powerful. I felt reborn, almost transported from my body. I was staring at the sky, awe struck in the beauty. Quite indescribable. As I got out of the car, birds were chirping, flying about and loving the warm weather as much as I. A girl I saw on the way in was also smiling, amplifying my own. I was soon trying to hold in giggles and teeth-filled grins as I walked to my desk. As I sat down the entire experiment became removed from my mind, and it took me nearly 5 minutes to realize what this chair, computer, and cubicle have done to me. I found it very difficult to break a smile while in here, but it was possible.

At the moment, I feel very content, with subtle feelings of relaxation and warmth. The warm feeling is great, and not sure where it comes from, but golly is it joyous. The feeling of being snuggled by a warm blanket held by a loved one on a cozy night.

I can hardly contain myself from producing all-caps letters spilling my love for everyone. Giggling in my cubicle may make me sound insane as well, especially while staring at a blank wall!! The image itself makes me laugh, a self fulfilling prophecy.

Hoho boy. I can't say for sure whether all of this is from the trials, but I know that a great portion of it is.

At night, though, it does die down, along with my energy. It becomes more of a difficulty to break a grin out than early morning or afternoon and is probably more detrimental - I become more aware of "forcing" the smile than anything. But I will continue it to the first dreams, until day 5, in which the real results will be shown.

Talk to you all soon,
Good luck, Have fun, Feel free to contact me!

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