Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Trials, Day 3, 4 & 5

Heya - Sorry for slow update, I was with family.

Day 3-

I slept very little this night, and found sleep to be a crucial component of the happiness trials. I woke in a groggy, foggy mess and attempting my morning smile was met by conscious sarcasm. It took very much forcing to get the smile on my face. On my daily route to work I kept trying to remain positive, but the tiredness was over powering, and the grin would fade within a few seconds and I would find myself blankly staring at the road. During the work day I felt as if I perhaps had pushed myself too far the day before, and that this was in fact a by product of too much happiness. I decided, however, that it wasn't and was simply due to my lack of sleep. The day went very slowly, and little was to be celebrated. It seems it rubbed off on my boss as well, and we both had a somewhat unproductive and uninteresting day. Finally, coming home I was able to crank out a bit more euphoria. I had a solid few minutes of warmth and happiness, but quickly found my pillow to start the next day.

Day 4- Not motivated in the least. Although I slept much better, I felt again as if I may be forcing this too much. As the day progressed, I did find myself receiving small artifacts from my experiment. Whenever I thought of ANYTHING about negative or positive emotion, my mind quickly remembered the trials and I found myself smiling and enjoying the positive feedback I had created. "Maybe there is something to this after all!" ran across my mind many times. Although not blissfully or euphorically manic, I was most certainly rewarded by my new found experience perhaps hourly. Over all I had benefited on this day, but still found the general happiness in all things to be a bit forced.

Day 5- Artifacts of the experiment continue to stream in during my daily life. I was driving and thought of a depressing scenario (can't remember what) but instantly the thought of something sad made me consider other thoughts to make me happy. I found that it was incredibly easy to transition myself from a bad mood or sad thoughts into a good general well-being. During the day I had often forgot about the experiment and was more focused on being with friends and family, and am planning to continue this experiment through this coming week.

I will update again on the happy trials one week from today, with some other posts to come in between.

Good luck, have fun, and feel free to contact me!

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